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Tribeca's #1 Personal Trainer

Lose Fat, Get Stronger, and Build Muscle

At Precision Training NYC, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, personal trainer, and nutritionist, Kenny Guzman, will teach you how to implement a safe and effective strength and conditioning program to lose fat, tone up, get stronger, build muscle, and feel more confident. We will work around injury, track your strength, weight, and create a realistic system of accountability to reach your personal training goals. Tracking your progress over time,  is proven to be more effective than vague performance goals when working towards being a stronger and healthier version of you. Here's how it works.

We are currently servicing the TriBeca, Soho, Noho, West Village, and the general Lower Manhattan area. Don’t let your fitness journey stall any longer.

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"Kenny immediately gave me confidence. He gave me caloric and protein numbers to hit, and he reviews it every time we meet, which again, speaks to accountability."

Camille T.

10,000+ hours of experience


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