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Personal trainer posing with strong muscles.

Tribeca's #1 Personal Trainer

Lose fat, build muscle, and gain strength

At Precision Training NYC, certified personal trainer, Kenny Guzman, will create a personalized strength and nutrition program, track your strength, weight, and hold you accountable to reaching your fitness goals. Tracking these specific fitness metrics is proven to be more effective than vague performance standards when working towards losing fat, building muscle, and getting stronger. Here's how it works.

We are currently servicing the TriBeca, Soho, Noho, West Village, and the general Lower Manhattan area. Don’t let your fitness journey stall any longer.


Personal trainer, Kenny Guzman, and a review from his client. She is happy with her progress.
My first meeting with Kenny immediately gave me confidence. We spent an hour talking through my history with diet and exercise, what my goals were, and then he did a movement test with me, which no other trainer has ever done. This showed me he was interested in my safety, and within a day, he built me a program. He gave me caloric and protein numbers to hit, and he reviews it every time we meet, which again, speaks to accountability.

Camille, T. 

Personal Trainer Kenny Guzman working out with a review from his client. Kenny's client describes how he customizes his workout.
Kenny is a great trainer who is knowledgeable, a true professional, and cares about his clients and helping them progress towards their goals. Kenny took the time to (1) tailor a workout program based on my goals and existing injuries, (2) add a nutrition program and give me ongoing guidance, (3) advise on supplements, and (4) add a resistance band program for when I’m traveling and don’t have access to a gym.

Matt, R.

Personal trainer, Kenny Guzman, doing a kettlebell squat with a review of his client. She is explaining how Kenny makes sure she's performing exercises safely.
Kenny has made a tremendous difference in my life in a very short time. In just four months, my diet and exercise regimens have done a complete 180. He comes up with creative new exercises each session and knows his stuff so well, I never injure myself the way I used to when I worked out alone.

Caroline, s.


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