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I’m Kenny Guzman, personal trainer and founder of Precision Training NYC. I created Precision Training NYC in 2019 with the mission to get you to look and feel your best through sustainable and progressive strength training routines. My collegiate background in nutrition and exercise science and my experience coaching people who’re looking to lose fat, build muscle and get stronger, has allowed me to rank as one of the top personal trainers in New York City. I’m currently based out of Tribeca, NY and servicing the general lower Manhattan area.


 My personal training business is a product of my love for fitness, hospitality and entrepreneurship, but it also speaks to the broken promises and inconsistencies I see in the fitness industry.  There are just far too many options for the average person to decipher who to trust and what works. Is it Soul Cycle, Pilates, CrossFit, HIIT classes or a combination of the above? Maybe more cardio or Barry’s Bootcamp? An overwhelming body of research has shown  strength training to be more effective at improving overall strength, lowering body fat percentage, increasing bone density, improving your self-esteem and many more benefits.  


Strength training has given my clients the body and lifestyle they’ve always wanted. I knew my clients were busy people and I wanted to help them maximize their time in the gym and outsource their accountability, nutrition and exercise with science-backed strategies. My average client trains with me 2-3 times a week, and with my methodology, reaps the benefits of our training when they’re outside the gym as well. That’s the freedom I’ve always wanted for anyone looking to better their health. 

Kenny Guzman

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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