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We’ll chat about your current fitness routine, exercise history, injuries, nutrition, and sleep. We’ll agree on an accountability strategy for your goal, run through a movement assessment and introduce some of the exercises that’ll be in the first phase of your strength program.  


Your strength training journey will operate in phases; each lasting 6-8 weeks. Each phase will focus on set exercises, repetitions and sets with your trainer tracking your metrics along the way. This’ll allow us to focus on medium term objectives (e.g. improving your squat depth) while keeping our eyes on the long term goal (e.g. getting slimmer and stronger). 



Some client’s weigh in every week and are held accountable for 8,000 steps a day, while others prefer to keep track of how their clothes are fitting over time. We’ll set realistic expectations and hold you accountable to them. 



Our personal trainers have advanced degrees and/or certifications in exercise and nutrition. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise but to make the most out of this partnership, we’ll need your consistency.

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