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Why You Can't Replace a Personal Trainer

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Personal trainer in Tribeca New York

You can get an indoor bike and pay a subscription fee to sweat buckets. You can buy a mirror that shows you how to lift weight and do squats. You can see how to swing a kettlebell on YouTube for nothing. So, do you still need a personal trainer? The answer is a resounding yes, and here’s why.

Accountability, Consistency, and Structure

“Showing up is half the battle.” A personal trainer holds you accountable for showing up and ensures that you stay consistent with your plan. Just having regular training sessions scheduled is often enough to get someone out of bed and into the gym!

A Method to the Madness

A personal trainer can help you design a program that’s right for you. Anyone can give you a hard workout and have you crawling out of the gym. But a skillful trainer can create safe and strategic programs to help you reach your potential based on your progress.

Encouragement and Performance

Do you work harder and pay more attention to your form when someone is watching? I certainly do! That’s just human nature. A personal trainer is that person who’s there to help you push yourself beyond what you would when no one is watching ;)

Good Form and Safety

Fitness apps can’t accurately show you how to perform big movements like barbell squats,

deadlifts, etc., and trying to figure it out yourself could lead to injuries. Meanwhile, a personal trainer can provide you with recommendations for alternative movements if you're in pain, recovering from injuries, or compensating to ensure that you’re exercising safely. 

A Personalized Experience

A personal trainer not only designs a program based on your fitness level and goals. They also adjust each session depending on your mood, energy level, and other factors to ensure that you’re reaping the most benefits from the workout.

Human Connection

When you develop a long-term relationship with a trainer, you get a well-rounded experience that’s fun, supportive, and motivating. Your trainer is more than an exercise specialist. They’re your friend, therapist, and coach all wrapped into one. Often, shooting the sh*t with your trainer can be rather therapeutic!

How To Select a Personal Trainer in NYC

There are many personal trainers in NYC, so how to choose one that’s right for you?

Your trainer should leverage the amenities and characteristics of your neighborhood to make your workout engaging and effective. For example, I have worked with clients in lower Manhattan (FiDi and Tribeca) for 5 years. When the weather is nice, we bring equipment outside to Pier 25 and get a great workout, vitamin D, and some great views.

Meanwhile, many apartment buildings in FiDi and Tribeca have their own gyms. You can hang out at your gym, see the trainers in action, and strike up a conversation. Ask your neighbors for recommendations. Also, read online reviews (e.g., Yelp and Google) and look for detailed write-ups from clients who have been working with the trainer for over 3 months.

Your trainer should design a customized program based on your current fitness level and

reassess your progress regularly. For example, I sit down with my clients after each 12-week

program and discuss what went well and how we can improve going forward. My conversation with each client is different because they are different! Your health is the most important thing—don’t settle for less!


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