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The Ken Method

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

With the vision of having the top personal training company in Tribeca, Kenny Guzman established Ken Method in 2019. Now, the Ken Method is well known not just in Tribeca but throughout New York City.

What makes Ken Method so unique is our individualized approach to achieving a client’s goals. Trainers at Ken Method are thorough and meticulous in their assessment of client exercise history, nutrition, and daily habits so that they can create a well rounded program catered specifically towards the client. By treating our clients as the unique individuals they are, we help them look and feel better than they ever have. It doesn’t just stop there-- we also make sure to implement lasting and effective lifestyle changes to someone’s life.

That is why we stress the importance of and practice truth, simplicity, and sustainability: the three pillars of Ken Method.

We know that it’s hard to navigate through the overabundance of misinformation that saturates the fitness industry. You never have to worry about that at Ken Method, as we base our programs on science-based methods. We’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t, without any frills. We also know that being consistent with exercise and nutrition isn’t easy. But the thing is, you don’t have to spend hours at the gym to see results, nor do you need to follow some insanely restrictive diet to lose weight. We keep things simple here at Ken Method, yet still put in the time and effort to discover which exercises are best for you in order to unlock your potential and achieve the best possible results.

We work with all types of people; those looking to lose fat and gain muscle, get ready for an event, have a better exercise and nutrition routine, and more. For those looking for that personalized one-on-one feeling with a trainer, look no further than Ken Method. You will not get bored training with us!

Ken Method operates out of Tribeca at the LiveWell Company gym- a boutique gym that feels intimate, comfortable, and professional. The equipment we have ranges from kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells to TRX, functional cable units, and boxing equipment. No matter your fitness level, this gym is a place where you will feel welcome and not judged.

Another wonderful thing about our location: we’re right across the street from Piers 25 and 26. We get the luxury of taking our training sessions outdoors, where there are large lawns, sports play areas, and beautiful views.

While most of our clients are based in Tribeca, some travel to us from in and out of the city: some even travel from New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Midtown to see us. Wherever our clients are located, they make it a priority to come to Ken Method for their fitness needs, as they know we will give them the best service they can ask for. For those who may be too far to travel realistically or prefer working out from their home gym, we offer not only virtual sessions, but we also travel to them. There are no excuses at Ken Method!

Have questions about exercise, nutrition, or personal training? Email me at Just let me know you read this article and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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