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Sticking to Your Goals While Having a Social Life

When you’re trying to adopt better habits and get healthier, going out and having a social life can be challenging— after all, temptation is everywhere.

However, with the right mindset and enough discipline, you can find a way to stick to your health goals while going out with friends or coworkers! Here are some simple but effective tips to help.

1. Don’t restrict

One of the WORST things you can do is to restrict or deny yourself of delicious food that you want: you’re going to end up only wanting them more. It’s all about finding a healthy balance. Try following the 80/20 rule: eat whole, unprocessed foods 80% of the time but allow some room for treats 20% of the time.

2. Limit alcohol intake

Not only are the calories in alcohol empty (meaning that they provide NO nutritional value), but drinking also tempts you into eating more.

Try only having one drink when you go out. Another tip is to have a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage. By doing this, the alcohol will be metabolized better and you’ll stay hydrated, which can help you avoid mindless snacking.

3. Get your workout done in the morning

By working out first thing in the morning, you don’t have to worry about it later in the day if you go out socializing with friends. Exercising before your day begins can set the tone for your entire day and can motivate you to make better choices.

If you aren’t a morning person, try squeezing in a workout during your lunch break: a short workout is better than none at all!

4. Bring your own food

At social events, there’s bound to be plates of fries and other appetizers. Instead of just taking what is offered, why not just bring your own dish? Offer to bring a healthier option such as vegetables with hummus or a fruit platter: that way, you and everyone else can have options.

Carrying some snacks at all times can also be beneficial, especially if you’re out longer than expected. Packing an energy bar is a better option than buying something outside.

5. Check out the menu

If your friends are planning to eat at a particular restaurant, look at the menu ahead of time. Nowadays, many restaurants have menus with nutritional information posted online: use that to guide your decisions on what to order. If you can’t find any nutritional information, opt for a dish that sounds appealing and relatively healthy. Keep in mind that you can ask to omit/add certain items from a dish if it doesn’t work with your diet plan.

6. Eat before

Going out for drinks at night? Before leaving for the evening, try eating a small meal or snack. Sometimes, people who are trying to stick to their diet plan eat less throughout the day so that they can eat out at night. However, not eating anything during the day can not only be harmful to your body, but it can actually backfire: your body will want to compensate by overeating at night.

Plan ahead by eating something good for you before going out. Foods high in protein and fiber can help you feel even more satiated so you don’t overeat when

In Conclusion

You don’t need to skip social activities entirely when pursuing a health or fitness goal: you can be both social and healthy. Find what works for you and more importantly, do what makes you happy: life is meant to be enjoyed!

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