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Staying on Track While Traveling- Client Spotlight

For many people, frequent traveling for business usually means the lack of a usual routine, abandoning working out and healthy eating.

After all, with business travel, you’re up at 5AM on short notice to catch a flight somewhere in a different time zone, then have a full day of meetings to look forward to. Just staying on top of your schedule is a challenge- not to mention exercise and diet.

Obligations like these definitely make the fitness challenge much harder- it can seem impossible to find time to eat right and workout when your schedule is so packed. Not to mention that you won’t know what kind of food will be available or if there will be gym equipment for you to use.

If there was only a way to travel AND stay on a regular fitness routine, right? Is it possible to have it all: to stay healthy, strong, and fit but also manage a busy work and travel schedule?

That’s what our clients Tony Abrams and Rob Karp have managed to do, despite running a business that requires them to travel throughout the year.

How do they do it? With the help of a customized, specific program tailored to them and their schedules.

“My company, FOUR HUNDRED, requires constant travel throughout the year. Before working with Kenny, it was challenging to find something I could do both in a gym and in a hotel room. It was difficult to be consistent with keeping a healthy diet and exercise routine,” Abrams said.

Rob Karp shares the same experience as Abrams.

“I’m usually traveling 150-200 days a year for my company, MilesAhead. It was hard for me to establish a routine with all that going on,” Karp said.

Anyone can give you a workout to do. But what the Ken Method focuses on is creating safe and strategic programs specifically catered to our clients and their schedules. Even if you find yourself constantly on the road, seemingly unable to stick to a routine, we will figure out something that works for you- there is always a way!

“Working with Kenny allows me to actually enjoy my fitness journey. Although I still have ways to go on this journey, for the first time, I’m excited about it. Kenny keeps it challenging, new, and fun. He [Kenny] also creates accountability even when we are not in the gym together. He makes our virtual workouts productive and motivating,” Abrams continues.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. Some people have access to a gym while some do not. Some have an hour a day to fit in movement while others may only have 20 minutes.

What the Ken Method entails is sitting down with our clients and talking about creating the most effective program for them, taking into account how much time they have, equipment accessibility, likes and dislikes, etc. No matter what your circumstances may be, we’ll be able to make a plan for you.

“With Kenny, I’m focused. I have a plan and I’m more disciplined. He [Kenny] also keeps tabs on me to keep me in check and make sure that I’m following the plan he designed for me,” Karp says.

If you’re determined on making your fitness goals a reality, there are no excuses at Ken Method. Book a consultation today!

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